Smart Snack Options

By Woman’s Day


1 hard-cooked egg (75) with half a slice of toasted wheat bread (34)
1⁄2 cup ice milk or sherbet (100)
1 large rectangular graham cracker (60) with 11⁄2 tsp peanut butter (45)
1 slice (1 oz) angel food cake (70) with 1⁄2 cup fresh strawberries (25)
1⁄2 cup wheat-flake cereal (55) with 1⁄2 cup nonfat milk (45)
1 cup chicken-noodle soup (75) with 2 saltines (25)
1 small (4″) whole-wheat pita (74) with 1 Tbsp hummus (24)
1⁄2 cup cranberry juice cocktail (72) and 1⁄4 cup nonfat plain yogurt (34) blended with ice
1 slice whole-wheat bread (69) with 1 oz sliced turkey breast (28) and mustard
1⁄2 cup 1% lowfat cottage cheese (80) with 1 cup cherry tomatoes (30)
1 cup baby carrots, celery and bell peppers (30) with 2 Tbsp light dressing (70)
1⁄4 cup 1% lowfat cottage cheese (40) with 1 cup canned peaches in water (60)


6 oz nonfat fruit yogurt (160) mixed with 1 Tbsp raisins (30)
1 slice whole-wheat bread (69) with 1 Tbsp peanut butter (90) and 1 tsp jelly (19)
1 oz peanuts (166) with 1⁄2 oz pretzels (50)
One 8″ flour tortilla (150) with 2 oz sliced turkey (55), lettuce, tomato and balsamic vinegar
1 medium baked potato (161) with 1⁄4 cup 1% lowfat cottage cheese (40)
1 container Fantastic Foods Hearty Cups Vegetable Barley soup (150) with 4 saltines (50)
Subway Veggie Delite 6″ sandwich without cheese (230)
Thai Kitchen Mushroom Medley Rice Noodle Bowl (188)
1⁄2 cup lowfat frozen yogurt (114) with 3⁄4 cup sliced fresh fruit (75)

About Lisa Goldberg

Hello! And Welcome to my blog, Health News From Your HealthCoach. Having been in the health and fitness industry for the last 16 years, I know that diet and nutrition information can be overwhelming and ever-changing. Over the years I have been asked many of the same questions. “How can I lose weight?” “How can I maintain my weight loss?” “What kind of vitamins should I take?” ” What’s the best alcohol to drink when I’m dieting?” I will address these questions and many others in Health News From Your HealthCoach. My Bio I am a nutritionist with a Masters degree in clinical nutrition from New York University. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the American College of Nutrition, and a Certified Dietician/Nutritionist through New York State. I am also a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. My company, HealthCoach, has been delivering healthy lunches to trading desks at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JPMorgan amongst others, since 2004. I counsel my HealthCoach clients and private clients on weight loss, behavior/lifestyle modification and overall health and wellbeing.
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