New study reveals food intolerances can be revealed by simple blood test

New study reveals food intolerances can be revealed by simple blood test

A new study published in the Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy has found that food sensitivity is a key culprit in obesity, and has also detailed ways to measure it.

Lead author John E. Lewis from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and co-author Judi M Woolger found that a person’s food intolerances can be identified by a simple blood test. Using the test, they further revealed weight loss could be achieved using a food elimination diet.

The Hemocodetm Food Intolerance System has been revealed as a comprehensive naturopathic nutrition program in Canada, which helps to identify and manage food sensitivities. The process uses a finger stick test to scan the blood for immuno-based reactions to common foods and additives.

According to the study, subjects lost approximately one pound per week after eliminating foods that they reacted to. The technology could also lead to beneficial health factors, such as minimizing migraines or digestive discomfort.
Dr Mubina Jiwa, Assistant Professor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, said: “These findings are consistent with what I’ve seen in my practice, and thousands of people who use food intolerance analysis as a way to manage overall wellness.

“Often, people can re-introduce the foods that they are intolerant to after the body has a chance to recover. I’m pleased that there are more studies being done to promote this important wellness tool.”

For HealthCoach clients I use the ALCAT test for my clients who want to test for food intolerances.

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